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We are still living on the hard standing at Shelter Bay Marina.

Spirit of Argo in the work yard of Shelter Bay Marina

As you can see, the humans have been ‘lying down on the job.

The humans were very naughty and left it a long time between lift outs.  It was an ecological disaster when the boat was lifted out of the water, as the Marina lost an entire reef system.  You do not believe me, check out the picture below.

All that is missing is a bit of hard coral.

Just a few more jobs to get through, besides the hull.

Prop, cutlass bearing, forward looking sonar ect., ect.,   We may be out of the water for a while?!?!?!


  1. Great to hear from Quinn after such a long hiatus. Lol
    Sure miss you guys and am happy that you were able to spend time with your siblings.
    Love and kisses
    Ain’t Pat

  2. Glad to see a blog post. Looking forward to more

  3. It looks like you have plenty to do! I expect Spirit of Argo will glide through the water quicker without all the attached marine life!

  4. Hearing from you all again brightened my world and expanded my thoughts to far away adventures. Your flexibility and taking care of priorities inspires me. Plus I adore Quinn. Love and good vibes coming your way from Portland, Oregon.

    • Thank you for your well wishes Carole!
      We will try and get the boat all sorted and then Quinn can take you off on great adventures into the Pacific.

  5. Hi Guys, Good to hear from you again, hope you are all well. Good to se Cain hasn’t changed, always lying down on the job!!

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