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Sorry its been a while since I updated the Blog. But you can see your roving reporter has made a full recovery from his ‘near death’ experience!!

The good news is that humans have taken over running the Sail Loft at Shelter Bay Marina.

Its been a very busy couple of weeks getting things organized and running smoothly.  There has been a great deal of interest and plenty of work coming through the door.

Clipper race boats

Shelter Bay Marina is the last opportunity for work to be completed on boats transiting the Panama Canal,  and heading out in the Pacific. They are often on a tight schedule and need a speedy, but quality service. If you face crossing the Pacific, you want to make sure your sails are up to the job.

The female human has been very busy meeting those deadlines and has had lots of positive feedback on price and quality.

Working away on a Spinnaker Repair.

Sail loft

Rescuing a completely ripped Genoa. Before Shot

CIMG5725 And the after shot. Fully repaired.


So it looks like we will be here awhile. You would think the female human would not want to get back into her pre-cruising business life. But Shelter Bay Marina offered a great opportunity for her to utilise her skills and years of experience to provide a great service to fellow cruisers and top up the cruising kitty. The Pacific and French Polynesia can wait…..just a little while.

Not too long now or I will loose my four ‘Sea Legs’!


  1. Rose Crawford

    Hello All… Glad you are on the mend Quinn…looks like April is up to her neck in work there…there will be some happy sailors knowing their boats will be safe for the next sail tale care , have fun and be safe hugs Rose

    • Dear Rose,
      Now the humans are working I will not have exciting sailing adventures to share with you. Perhaps I can find some local mischief to get into. Despite the fact the Marina is set in a sheltered cove in the jungle there are some lovely beaches near by for me to play on. No one else seems to go to them and they are littered in sea hearts (a distinctive shaped seed) and sea glass (worn smooth). I have also had fun wandering the trail into the jungle. I have heard and seen both Capuchin and Howler Monkeys. Get you some pictures.

  2. Quinn, I am glad you have made a full recovery!
    That is an amazing repair job, that sail was ripped in half!
    Enjoy Shelter Bay Marina.

    • Dear Roy,
      We are ‘far away’ from the ‘throw away’ culture we left behind. Because of shipping costs and time lines it works out better to repair canvas and sails rather than replace them. Most of the time it is just the stitching that has deteriorated in the sun, but if left too long, than yes, everything becomes unraveled and can tear. It is a fun challenge. And you know my humans, they love a challenge!

  3. I feel a distinct lack of activity from Mr Human here Qunny. Glad you are back on your 4 feet, stay fit and healthy and one day Maisie may make your dreams come true…. Lol

    • Dear Tony,
      You have been promising that you are going to introduce me to the ‘dog’ of my dreams for a while. But, does Maisie like sailing? I have to admit I have salt in my veins and sand in my paws after growing up on the boat.
      Do not worry about the Male human. While the female human ‘keeps me in Scoobie snacks’ I have a whole list of boat jobs for the Male human. We need to keep Spirit of Argo in ‘ship shape’ for our eventual Pacific crossing.

      • Ha ha Quinny, we will start taking her to the beach to get her ready, we can certainly do with Mrs Humans seeing techniques the amount of cushions she keeps eating!!!

        Like you she is adorable so I think we may have a wedding yet. Have fun on those beaches .. X

  4. Great to hear all is well with you Quinnster. Keep up the good work.

    • Dear Duncan,
      Work! Me work?
      I am just expected to bark occasionally, to ward off any potential thievery, and then I have earned my ‘Scooby snacks’. I leave the hard work to the humans who dragged me across the ocean. In the end….as long as there is a beach I am a happy camper.

  5. Glad it’s settled/worked out for you; I guess we might catch-up with you now after all? I’ll hold off on the overhaul our mainsail would appreciate until we get there; this time next year?

    • Dear Bob and Lesley,
      It will be lovely to see you when you get here. While cruising I have learned that ‘good byes’ are usually only ‘see you later somewhere else’. There are only so many of us out there sailing and we are all bound to run into each other again sooner or later. Glad we will be running into you two sooner, than later.

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